50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes

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Paying for College: 7 Most Costly Myths and Mistakes

Is the raw score conversion data available for tests? How do you get from 31 to 40 with only 5 wrong? Color me confused.

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When I tried to explain this, I was told about ACT concordance tables; old versus new SATs; score report degree of difficulty which he stated affected the score, throwing me off completely score verification; QAS. Finally, information can only be given to a student or parent. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes

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Silent StopWatch for standardized tests. What went wrong with June SAT scores? Monica Gray on August 13, at pm. Tanya Joyner on August 14, at am. Phil McCaffrey on August 14, at pm. Monica Gray on August 28, at am. Monica Gray on December 14, at pm. This includes being placed on probation, being suspended, or being expelled from school.

Ideally you will be able to provide a response that shows remorse for your actions while also letting colleges know you have learned from your mistakes and are now in a position to stay out of similar trouble in the future. Taking responsibility for your actions and not placing blame on others is an important theme admissions officers look for. However, there are a few instances in which it does make sense to utilize the additional information section of the Common App. September 11, by Elyse Krantz.

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Shock, frustration and outrage

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      What do changes in the code of ethics for college admissions offices mean for you? It reeks of a flawed test that was rushed. Because they still had to spend time answering them! And if these questions were so flawed that they had to be thrown out, it is not a stretch to believe students spent an inordinate amount of time trying to answer them. As I recall, the CB also threw out questions on one of the first of the new exams administered.

      Myths of GT Admissions — College Confidential

      To understand how this type of scaling inconsistency could happen—particularly when nothing comparable occurred prior to —it is important to realize that although ETS is still playing a role in the administration of the SAT, the exam is now being written directly by the College Board for the first time in its history. That was a major shift, and one that never received anywhere near enough scrutiny. According to sources I spoke with around the time the redesigned exam was introduced, the most experienced College Board psychometricians were left out of the development process for the new test and replaced by weaker hires from the ACT.

      And while there is still an experimental section on the new exam, it is no longer universally administered at least to the best of my knowledge , and the selection process for new questions does seem to have become notably less rigorous.

      How to NOT Get a 1500+ on the SAT // Avoid These Studying Mistakes!

      In the past, questions were field-tested for several years with a variety of demographic groups to ensure scoring consistency, but the current fiasco suggests that things are a lot sloppier now. If you can stand to do so, you might want to allow for one additional test, in case something unexpected happens when you retake. If things are working well enough, why bother to fix them?

      Besides, admitting error is not exactly something the College Board is known for, especially these days. This is particularly true if you are aiming for merit scholarships that have a clear cut-off. If your ability to pay for college is on the line, this is not a chance you should take.

      I have found that a good, motivated student who is thoroughly tutored can score a 36 on the ACT—with less difficulty in English, but also in reading. The SAT has questions that are sometimes so bizarre, petty, or convoluted, that it is almost impossible to get an I try to pass the buck to their guidance department, but if pressed at all I say that in my experience, despite the timing issue, the ACT is a clearer, fairer test of actual hard work put in. Maybe perseverance; financial resources; attention to detail!

      I am a tutor to be fair I am a teacher with 8 areas of certification and a principals lic. I agree with this accessment. Last year I tutored multiple students to a perfect act and there were only total given out. It is easier to get a 36 due to consistency of content. However, the national merit test is SAT. The best defense is for a student to study sat prior to the psat, then change to ACT, then change back to sat. It provides the broadest skills coverage. The issue of the thrown out questions accounts for a significant skew. If they threw out and did not readjust the curve, most people would have lost points on English.

      The only way this changes is for a major media outlet to investigate.

      50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes 50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes
      50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes 50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes
      50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes 50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes
      50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes 50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes
      50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes 50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes

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