A Reason to Give Thanks

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Therefore, we must give thanks to God because He gives help when we are in danger. Saints are true believers, those who have been plucked from the pit of sin and given new life by the grace of God. The New Testament often designates believers as saints.

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The word is from hagios , meaning holy. Believers are those whom God has drawn up from the well of sin, and set apart for Himself. We are called to be holy since we are already holy set apart in position. He is not quick-tempered, and His anger does not linger Exodus His goodwill and acceptance of us—in Christ—is forever.

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Ephesians teaches us that God has accepted us in the beloved One, Christ. And Hebrews encourages us by telling us that Jesus is not ashamed to call us his brothers and sisters. Because, in Him, we are declared righteous. But never forget this: When you know the Lord then joy will come.

After your long walk through your God-appointed dark, foggy valley—when night never seems to end—there is a joy that will come in the morning. O, suffering saint, know this.

Reflections: A Reason to Give Thanks

Believe this. Cling to this.

Reason to Thank Our Lord Jesus + Give Thanks (Video)

One day, your sadness will turn to singing. This was a lesson David needed to learn. Previously, as verse 6 indicates, he trusted in himself, in his self-sufficiency. But God had to teach him that He alone is his mountain, his strong rock and, therefore, is worthy of praise. Take a moment to read verses again.

Reason #2) Thank you God for meeting all my needs according to your riches.

When David sinned by counting the people it revealed that his faith was in his military strength, not in God. In response, David said to Gad,. David knew that mercy only comes from God, ultimately.

They will always disappoint you. Look to Jesus who is abundant in mercy. Remember the promise of Hebrews Read slowly verses It is God, and God alone, who is able to remove your garments of grief and sorrow and give you gladness in exchange. For a similar assurance, read Psalm Why has God done this for David? Why did God give him joy that surpassed his grief?

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In Christ, there is a joy that surpasses all the griefs we have to endure in this life Romans Look at the final sentence of Psalm O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever! And despite the flames, high winds, high temperatures, arid conditions; the first responders continue to battle the blaze and search for the missing.

I am very grateful that not only here in California, but in our nation, that we have such brave men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line every time we face disaster. For them I am thankful. I am also thankful for our military. I am proud to have men in my family that have served. The great members of our military fight for the freedom that you and I hold dear. I am grateful to live in a nation where we as citizens of this nation have the right to vote in free and fair elections.

Just under years ago, the 19th Amendment was passed by Congress giving women the right to vote. I am thankful that such a high number of Americans voted in the midterms, approximately million, 49 percent of those registered to vote. And I am thankful that I not only have the right to vote; which I feel is a privilege and an obligation; but I do so without fear of physical harm coming to me; unlike some people in places like Iran or Afghanistan.

Seven Reasons to Be Thankful

And speaking of voting, I am thankful that so many women ran for office and succeeded in their bid to be a part of the U. Congress and bringing a pink wave as a record number of women, at least head to the House and the Senate. I am grateful to live in a nation that has such a wonderful Constitution.

The First Amendment is my favorite. For me personally, the right to speak freely is a blessing.

A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks
A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks
A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks
A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks
A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks
A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks
A Reason to Give Thanks A Reason to Give Thanks

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