Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance

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Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! ISBN: Description Reviews 0 Delivery: Can be download Immediately after purchasing. Here are 7 steps you can take to keep asthma attacks at bay. Dr Ooi Boon Swee, colorectal surgeon, explains the benefits of minimally invasive and robot-assisted surgery for colorectal diseases.

Dr Dennis Koh, general surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, explains the importance of screening in preventing colorectal cancer. A colonoscopy every 10 years can help to prevent colon cancer. Learn about procedure, how you can prepare for it, the risks involved, and who should go for one.

The Highs and Lows of Germany's Drinking Culture

Women's hearts are different from men's hearts, and require special attention. Dr Stanley Chia explains the unique heart disease symptoms in women and how women can care for their hearts. Even the fittest athletes can succumb to heart disease. Dr Leslie Tay, cardiologist, advises on reducing the risk of sudden cardiac arrest during sports. The age-old adage — laughter is the best medicine — may not be accurate after all.

Dr Julian Tan explains happy heart syndrome.


A fast, irregular heart beat can be triggered by anxiety or emotional stress, but it may also be a symptom of a condition atrial fibrillation. Dr Kenneth Ng, cardiologist, explains.

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The painful symptoms of gallstones are very often mistaken as gastric pain. Dr Stephen Chang explains gallstone disease and its treatment options. Ovarian cancer has been dubbed a silent killer as it often presents at a late stage, resulting in low survival rates. Dr Elisa Koh explains the current statistics and treatment methods for ovarian cancer. Dr Stephen Chang, general surgeon specialising in liver transplant, answers frequently asked questions by liver donors and recipients.

Being told that something suspicious was found in your mammogram can be scary. We guide you on what to expect on your follow-up tests. Dr Tan Yu-Meng, general surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, gives us the stark facts about pancreatic cancer and the treatment options available for patients. If you are a woman of childbearing age who's battling cancer, know your options. Dr Ann Tan explains fertility preservation in cancer patients.

Dr Lim Hwee Yong, senior consultant oncologist at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, sheds light on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. For women who have lost their breasts to cancer, reconstruction may help restore confidence and emotional well-being. Dr Felicia Tan talks to us about breast reconstruction surgery. Still hesitating to go for that life-saving mammogram? Conquer your hurdles by remembering these truths. Dr Wee Siew Bock, breast surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, address your questions and concerns about breast conserving surgery lumpectomy. A history of heart disease in the family is a risk factor, so go for a heart screening to identify any problems early.

Emotional stress has been shown to trigger heart attacks. Sometimes known as broken heart syndrome, it may be triggered by episodes of grief, anger or fear. Guys — listen up. Men generally face a higher risk of heart disease than women. Yet, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for women.

Any form of aerobic exercise is good for the heart. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week. According to the WHO, pneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide. Many patients with liver disease often may not discover it until it is too late. Know the signs so you can seek help earlier.

A breast cancer diagnosis does not mean having to lose your breast, now that many treatment options are available. Dr Kelly Loi discusses fibroids, how they affect fertility in women, and the ways to identify, evaluate and manage fibroids. Kidney cancer is a silent killer, with symptoms usually only showing up in its late stage. Learn about its causes and treatment. Your sporting preference can say a lot about your personality.

Here are the exercises that best suit your character — and how they can help your heart health. When it comes to heart procedures, the last thing you need is for the treatment to burn a hole in your wallet.

The Impunity of Brett Kavanaugh’s Binge Drinking - The Atlantic

Talk to your insurance agent and find out how to get yourself covered. Dr Dean Koh weighs the evidence for 6 common theories on cancer prevention. Dr Ong Kian Chung, respiratory specialist, explains the health effects of haze and how you should protect yourself. The left ventricular assist device is increasingly becoming a viable option for heart failure patients around the world. Recognise the symptoms of a fainting spell and know how you can help those around you.

Heart stents open blocked arteries that can cause heart attacks and lessen the risk of clogged arteries in the future. A senior cardiologist talks us through the procedure and how it prevents heart disease.

Tonight: Britain's Secret Drinkers

An active lifestyle may not guarantee your immunity to heart attacks. We explore the increasing occurrence of heart attacks among athletes and why they happen.

Alcoholic Beverages and Calories

The price of high blood pressure means you shouldn't ignore making healthy lifestyle choices. These simple changes to your habits can do wonders for your heart. A pioneering surgery for heart disease is proving quicker and safer than conventional alternatives. Coronary artery bypass grafting CABG can remove blockages in the arteries that severely restrict the flow of blood to the heart, helping you lead a more active life.

Coronary angiograms, coronary artery bypass grafting CABG and heart stenting are 3 common procedures for detecting and treating coronary heart disease. In fact, the leading cause of death by far among diabetics is heart disease. Heart health screening may cost you some money.

EU Urged to Do More to Protect Young People from Alcohol

But maintaining a healthy heart can help to save your life. Here are a few suggestions. TAVI is a minimally invasive procedure that offers hope to patients too old or too ill for conventional aortic valve replacement operations. Know exactly what to expect by asking your cardiologist these 5 questions. Cardiologists can provide expert advice to athletes. Various kinds of jobs create different types of stress, and whether the stress becomes harmful depends on the individual.

Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance
Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance
Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance
Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance
Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance
Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance Alcoholism - The Hidden Significance

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