Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1)

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Dragon Masters #1: Rise of the Earth Dragon

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Fight My Arena Top Masters. Linley stared at the enormous Azure Dragon corpse in front of him.

Breaking News! Giant Stone Dragon Found In The Wilderness!

The draconic scales of the Azure Dragon were still so slick, so seemingly sharp. Linley turned to look at Beirut.

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  • While they were conversing with each other, a messenger reported that Emperor Coiling Dragon had come for a visit. Emperor Coiling Dragon was of course, the Coiling Dragon clan lord. Back then, Jiang Chen had lent him a hand by gifting a Pinecrane Pill that extended his lifespan by a thousand years. The Furious Coiling Dragon Beheader was extremely famous. It was a weapon used by the Beast Emperor, the Black Dragon King, a weapon that had killed countless experts. The body revealed by this divine light was an extremely huge tree root that was completely black as if it was made of metal.

    This huge tree root flying in the sky seemed to be a coiling dragon! The banner — in the form of a golden dragon — lunged straight at Li Qiye. This seemingly living dragon was armed with an invincible imperial aura that was capable of tearing apart the heaven and earth. Li Qiye eventually climbed up high peak rolling paths that ranged for ten thousand miles with the rest of the group. Where they finally stopped, this peak looked like a coiling dragon entrenched in this location.

    They then entered a mysterious valley on top of the high peak. Veluriyam Capital is situated in the southern part of the Upper Eight Regions, and its influence envelopes the entire region. I accidentally obtained some of its ingredients when travelling the world in my youth, so I invited a ninth-level pill king to refine a cauldron of Sage Smile Pills. Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded. Even the indestructible passageway trembled violently.

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    • When the surging crimson gaseous flames began to dissipate, Elder Zhao Yu appeared in a badly mutilated state. A bold green pine stood proudly in the loose mountainous soil between plates of giant rocks. The seemingly endless mountain range rested like a coiling dragon within the Seven Star Forest.

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      The Order of Wind and Cloud was the greatest threat. It was Emperor Coiling Dragon and Void. The situation in Veluriyam had made these two slightly restless as well. Anyone who forcibly enters will be treated as an invader! We will not be responsible for any consequences that may ensue! The coiling dragon condensed from Bladeqi dived down and overran the enemy.


      Both the House Tong and Sikou were diehard loyalists to the Majestic Clan, and understandably wanted it to replace the Coiling Dragon Clan's position in the capital. He rapidly flicked his finger and the Coiling Dragon steel needle shot out with a whistling sound as it flew forwards like a bolt of lightning. Ji San mused for a moment.

      Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1) Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1)
      Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1) Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1)
      Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1) Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1)
      Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1) Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1)
      Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1) Dragon Master (Stonedragon Flame #1)

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