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About Loading items, please wait Contact us Loading items, please wait Site information Loading items, please wait AA Shop. Before you start, preparation is important If you haven't changed a tyre before, consider a practice run. Keep a small plastic sheet in the car to kneel on, a pair of gloves to protect your hands and a torch with spare batteries.

Read the car manual. Regularly check the spare tyre pressure. If the car is being used by more than one driver, make sure that the tools and jack are in the right place and that they are in good working condition.

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Never attempt to change a tyre if your personal safety is at risk or if the tools are missing or are in poor condition Step-by-step instructions for changing a car tyre Make sure no one is inside the vehicle. Apply the handbrake and put the vehicle in park if automatic or in gear if manual. Block the wheels on the side not being lifted.

What equipment do you need to change a tyre?

Remove the hub cap or wheel cover if fitted. Some vehicles mostly 4WDs will have a centre cover — remove this to make the wheel nuts accessible. Loosen the wheel nuts with the wheel wrench while the vehicle is on the ground. Do not remove them at this point. Place the jack underneath the jacking point of your vehicle on firm flat ground and slowly raise the vehicle. Remove the nuts and wheel, pulling the wheel towards you with both hands.

Lift the spare tyre into place. Replace all wheel nuts, making sure these go on the right way - taper towards the wheel and tighten snugly. Lower the vehicle and tighten the wheel nuts using your wheel wrench.

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  • Again, you can stand on the wrench handle if needed. Refit the hubcap, wheel cover or centre cover.

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    Take the punctured wheel to a tyre shop for repair or replacement. Changing tyres on tricky car models Some models do not have studs extending from the hub to hang the wheel on. Fitting a heavy wheel We recommend two pairs of hands as this is quite a tricky job. Follow previous steps If you have everything you need, then remove the hubcap if any and loosen the wheel nuts, with the punctured wheel still on the ground.

    Eight simple steps to wheel changing...

    Your wheel nuts will be very tight. Bend your legs, not your back. Despite this being a long list, changing a wheel does only take minutes if you know what you are doing and everything goes smoothly. It can be a lot quicker than waiting for breakdown assistance — but never risk your own safety to do it.

    Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Changing a Wheel Please do not take this advice as definitive — it is a generic outline of the procedure you should follow. Get your car as far off the road as possible but remain on a hard surface.

    How to Change Bench Grinder Wheels

    If possible, park the car so that the wheel you need to change is on the nearside, not the offside. If you feel you are in a dangerous position on any type of road , call the police non-emergency number for advice. All passengers, including pets, should get out and stand somewhere safe, away from the car. Wear a reflective hi-viz jacket if you have one.

    Remove your spare wheel from its storage position — be careful of the weight, car wheels are surprisingly heavy. Check that it is adequately inflated and in usable condition. Pump it up if necessary. There is no point in going any further if the spare is not usable.

    How to Change a Flat Tire | Bridgestone Tires

    Get out all of the tools you will need to change the wheel. If you have alloy wheels, you may have locking wheel nuts — make sure you have the adapter that allows these to be undone. Chock the wheel diagonally opposite the wheel you will be removing. If you have more chocks, chock more wheels. Make sure it engages correctly with the jacking point. Failure to do this could damage your car and result in the car falling off the jack when it is raised up.

    How to Change a Wheel How to Change a Wheel
    How to Change a Wheel How to Change a Wheel
    How to Change a Wheel How to Change a Wheel
    How to Change a Wheel How to Change a Wheel
    How to Change a Wheel How to Change a Wheel
    How to Change a Wheel How to Change a Wheel

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