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Make sure your guests take one home with them to remember the night by! Serve up your drinks in bright cups with your guests name on them label designs included with mystery. Here are a few of the different types of music poular in the eighties!

Early eighties groups such as DEVO and Haircut were early adopters of the medium, but pop stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson later transformed the format into a huge business. Nothing represents the decadence of the 80s more than the heavy metal bands signed from the LA Strip during that time.

Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral Nona Brooks

You can find these hits on iTunes and download songs individually without having to purchase a whole album. Make your own mix for your guests to groove to! Ticket designs included with the mystery. Make a ballot box and have your guests vote who they would elect for the king and queen. Ballots are included with mystery.

Asta Nielsen and Fatma Girik's Hamlets: Old Mysteries, New Problems - PopMatters

Not necessary, but added fun. At one point in the party, the PromQueen and King will be announced. Directions and templates included with purchase of the mystery. What Prom would be complete without a posed photo to remember the night by. Each month we highlight one of our customers who has posted on our blog and award them a FREE party! We love to hear about all of the hard work you, as host, put into your party. From the decor, to the food, costumes, whatever. As well as how you and your guests acted and reacted!

Everything that made your party one your guests will never forget — tell us about it! And be sure to attach some pictures!!! Check out some of our past winners here! Just wanted to say what a great time we had throwing the 80's Prom Murder Mystery party. It was such a great way to mingle with all of the guests and a good ice breaker for people that didn't know each other. Great idea!

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Looking forward to booking another party soon!! But this kit makes it so so easy and fun. Lots of room to make it your own and not cookie cutter but always super straight forward! I can't wait to host another one!!! Thanks Night of Mystery! This was the best party ever! Most of us went to high school together so I printed out old 80s high school yearbook pics and used those as some of my decorations.

We made a dance floor out of laminate floor and rocked out to our 80s playlist!

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I've never done one of these before so I was a little nervous in case things didn't go as planned. Everyone took their character serious and went above and beyond the roles given to them! This is a party that we will be talking about for years to come! I can't wait to put on another Murder Mystery Party! We were really glad to have a long weekend! What would we do?

Mini Mystery Box of Awesome - September 2019!

We decided to do another murder mystery from NightofMystery. My wife and I graduated from high school in the 80s, and the 80s prom theme looked like a great idea! Our group included people from 10 years old up to over 50, and we all loved it! We are especially glad that we can count on Night of Mystery to give us appropriate parties when we order a clean version.

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I would recommend this party for anyone looking for a fun activity. We'll definitely be doing another mystery before too long. We really went all out for our 80s prom! Spending hours for decorations! We did a pac man wall, we did Mario kart, Tetris, rubix cubes all over, slinkies hanging from the bathroom ceiling, all kinds of things! We even painted a door like a Nintendo controller for beer pong!!

We also had a photo booth, and prom picture back drop. However I think our best prop yet along with our "spiked" punch bowl, we had a cake that said "class of 89"! Our 80s playlist, and boom box carrying "students" had Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad. Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad quantity. A Night of Mullets and Mystery! As the night unfolds, the royalty will be rewarded and an innocent life will be claimed. From the preppie to the punk rocker, the spaz to the stud, the jock to the jilted—all are suspected although only one is to blame. Can you find the culprit in this crazy madness that is filled with neon, naughtiness and narcissistic behavior?

Download Intro File. For guests: at least 7 males, at least 7 females, and 6 gender-neutral For guests: males, females, gender-neutral For guests: males, females, gender neutral. For guests: at least 14 males and 6 gender neutral. For guests: males and gender neutral. This is a mostly-male cast with some of the characters being in same-sex love relationships. For guests: at least 14 females and 6 gender neutral. For guests: females and gender neutral. This is a mostly-female cast with some of the characters being in same-sex love relationships.

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Sarah Social Senior Class Vice-President A valley girl at heart, Sarah is responsible for, like, planning ALL the details of the prom, and making sure things go exactly according to plan—her plan! Debbie Taunte Senior Class Treasurer Spoiled to the bone, this wealthy woman has a way with money and a way of using it to get whatever she wants!

The pieces eventually went to North Carolina State University. Biologists there took a look inside the bone.

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  • Much like a bird's leg bones, it had an internal cavity. But there was something in the cavity they had never seen before in a dinosaur fossil.

    Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral
    Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral
    Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral
    Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral
    Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral Mysteries: Updated and Gender-Neutral

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