Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story

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While she was away I moved out and took just my things as we agreed on except for the dogs. I took all 3 of them and that really really pissed her off. I spent the next several moths surfing the internet on my favorite sissy sites before meeting a very sexy vanilla girl. I was willing tom try and put all the submissive, sissy feelings as well as my girly things away and try vanilla again. After a few months of seeing Kim I thought I was doing a good job but those feelings I had my whole life came back.

I found my alone time surfing more and more on the internet. Me and Kate only lived about 5 miles apart and would run into each other every once in awhile. I did my best to avoid her but one night I was alone eating at a local dinner and just got my food when she walked in. I was hoping she wouldn't see me to no avail. She noticed me right away and approached my booth, taking a seat across the table from me. My heart stopped as I didn't know what to say or expect.

I looked up to her and saw her full of glee having me cornered. She told me that she knew I had my own place, new girlfriend and was happy for me. I sat there stunned listening to her every word. She went on to tell me that she would like for us to be friends. She then went on to say that I still had a few things at her place like an attic full of junk and such she would like me to get. Me wanting this to end blurted out that, "All that stuff could burn for all I care. She then reached across the table and took my hands in hers.

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She leaned over the table a bit closer and said, "And I want all 3 dogs returned today" I quickly pulled my hands away and told her, "That isn't going to happen Betty. I wasn't sure if anyone heard her but she did get my attention. She went on to explain that if I don't do as she says, that she would show everyone I know all about sissy I really am. She had me very scared now and I sat up in my seat as she held tight to my hands and continued. I had journals, pictures and she had plenty of witnesses to expose me to everyone I know, including my family and new girlfriend. She told me that if I knew what was best for me I would first break up with Kim and then show up tonight at her house with our 3 dogs.

If not then tomorrow everyone see's the pictures and videos she had of her gurly sissy. I swallowed hard and was wanting to disappear all together but couldn't. I wished at this very moment I had never met her let alone opened up so much to her in our relationship.

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About that time the waitress we both knew came out for some small talk which Betty did all of that before telling her we were getting back together. I saw the waitress look very surprised before leaving us alone once again after taking Betty's order. Sweat started popping all over my face I think as Betty laughed. I felt very much trapped and at her mercy at this moment.

I wished right now that I had never met her in the first place. Not sure what to do except do whatever she said at this moment. She pulled my hands closer to her and asked if I agreed? I was speechless and she told me that if I wanted to keep my secret a secret then I would do exactly as told from this moment on. I swallowed hard and began to get up all the while she held my hands tightly.

I took a seat next to her and she scooted up close to me. I saw a very upset Lady get a look of complete satisfaction on her face as I did so. That kiss was very deep and seemed to last hours as we were interrupted with her meal being delivered. The waitress and Betty were the only two smiling before leaving us alone again. Betty took one of my hands and placed it under the table on her lap as she began to eat her food. I began stroking her thigh as I thought that was what she wanted.

She was aglow with her power she knew she had over me at that moment. Betty reached under the table and slid my hand up to her mound as she finished eating. As she finished her meal and I played with her pussy through her dress, she looked at me and told me that I had a very busy night ahead of me. She then told me she wanted me to pay for the food, go home and call Kim or better yet just send her a text and get her dogs and be back at her house in 3 hours.

I stopped and paid for the meal as she chatted with the waitress we both knew. I heard them both laughing as I got my change.

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Betty took a hold of my arm as I walked out following her lead. I escorted her to her car and opened her door for her. She also reminded me that she expected me a few short hours and I best be on time and as told. With that she had me light her cigarette before closing her door and driving away. Leaving me standing there in the parking lot not sure what happen or wanting to believe any of it. I slowly walked to my truck when my phone got a text message. It was from Betty saying this time I was her property, not her boyfriend.

That scared me to death wondering what she wanted from me.


I knew she could ruin me if she went through with her threats and that for now I should do as told. I rushed home and quickly retrieved my sissy stash before getting in the shower. I shaved my whole body from my nose to my feet. Then dried off and applied some perfume before getting dressed as told. I on my stockings causing my little clitty to stir a bit before attaching them to the garter straps.

Then put on my matching lacy bra and breast forms. Then my maid outfit to finish it off before covering it all with some baggy sweats and a t shirt. I then gathered up all the dog toys, food and beds before putting on my heels. Then I got the dogs in the truck and headed for her house as it was almost time for her to expect me. I almost forgot to text Kim and sent her a text as I drove. I told her that I had some personal issues come up and think we need a break from each other for awhile. And then I shut my phone off and finished my trip to Betty's house.


As I pulled up the door opened and the grand daughter ran out to greet the dogs followed by Betty's daughter. I always got along with them and said hello as we passed each other. Alice told me her mom would really like my heels as I walked by her causing me to remember my place in this situation.

enter site I continued to the house and was meet by Betty in the doorway. She still had that great big smile on her face like she had just won the war when she told me, "Go into my bathroom and take off all those nasty boy things and wait for me there. I shut the bedroom door as well as the bathroom door before removing my heels, boy things, and adjusting my outfit. Making sure the seams were straight and putting on my maid bonnet.

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I waited what seemed like a hour but was probably only 15 minutes before I heard her coming in the bedroom. Then I watched and rose from sitting on the toilet seat as she walked in the bathroom.

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She walked right up to me and slapped me across the face hard causing me to wobble in my heels. Again I almost fell over from the blow as I staggered back a step.

Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story
Revenge: A Bisexual Watersports Story

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