The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers)

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Orcas You Searched For: Title: orcas. United Kingdom Uruguay. Search Within These Results:. Rebel's Tag Orca Currents K. Bex has always done it just for fun and bragging rights, taking nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but footprints. But that changes when a new kid arrives at school.

Kieran is edgy, dangerous and into urban exploration as well. Together, they start pushing each other to radical extremes. When Kieran pitches a plan that involves taking more than just pictures, Bex has to decide. Where will he draw the line, and how far will he follow Kieran? Sean Rodman lives and works in Victoria, British Columbia. He is the child of two anthropologists, who gave him a keen eye for observation and a bad case of wanderlust. His interest in writing for teenagers came out of working at some interesting schools around the world.

In the Snowy Mountains of Australia, he taught ancient history to future Olympic athletes. Closer to home, he worked with students from over countries at a non-profit international school.

He currently works at the Royal BC Museum. Themes: risk-taking, responsibility, friendship.

The Last Loon

But her situation has taken a sudden, unfortunate change. Ria sees no choice but to take her little brother and run. She vows to keep the memory of her father alive. Soon, though, she begins to wonder: is her memory playing tricks on her—or is he? Vicki Grant left her career in advertising and television to write her first novel in Vicki lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her family. Themes: family relationships, crime, expectations. They wonder if his friends will start showing up again. Those people just wish Jojo would go away and never come back.

Then there are the people who have hate in their hearts. These people wish something bad would happen to Jojo. Something really bad. Ardell Withrow is one of those people. Although Norah is a freelance editor, she still manages to write at least one novel a year. Norah grew up in Montreal, Quebec, and now lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario.

Themes: justice, vengeance, community. Tom Morgan has just moved from Montreal and is a talented player. Tom is also very competitive and seems determined to pick on Stu Duncan, who is slightly overweight. When Johnny suggests a race between Tom and Stu, Tom eagerly accepts. On race day Tom is surprised by both the race and its outcome and learns that teamwork pays off.

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Sigmund Brouwer is the author of many books for children and young adults. Sigmund loves to speak to kids and adults of all ages about the serious business of learning to read and write. To book a presentation, please contact Sigmund at www. A resident of Montreal, he also spends time in communities in the northeast Arctic, combining hockey with literacy efforts. At a big tournament in Quebec City, teammate Tom Morgan plays a practical joke on Johnny Maverick, so naturally Johnny feels he has to pay him back. The rivalry escalates.

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After he scores a hat trick, Johnny is given a hockey stick signed by all the members of the Montreal Canadiens. He worries that Tom will do something to this prized trophy and decides he will not let it out of his sight.

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But in the end Tom outsmarts him once more, and Johnny learns that revenge is never a good idea. Themes: hockey, rivalry, sportsmanship. Eager to write more articles with impact, she launches an investigation of a cheating scam at her high school. Nobody is interested in seeing her article go to print, not even her own brother. It is evident that the cheating is widespread, and Laurel, caught up in the thrill of the investigation, is willing to commit social suicide to get the story, but her ultimate discovery changes everything.

Formerly a teacher, Kristin Butcher is the popular author of numerous books for children and teens. Kristin lives in Campbell River, British Columbia. Themes: school issues, studying, ethics. Involved in a photography program for at-risk kids, he finds himself threatened again and again by someone who wants his camera.

What does Ethan know? And what is on his camera that someone is willing to kill for? Struggling to stay out of trouble and solve the mystery, he discovers he has all the answers, he just has to figure out the questions. Themes: crime, responsibility, photography. His friend Julia wants him to devise a plan to fight the decision, and the principal is determined to convince Ian the uniforms are a good idea.

Ian wants nothing to do with the issue. While doing research for a social justice class, he learns that the manufacturer of the uniforms is on the top-ten list for human-rights violations. When he tells the principal this, all he gets is a reminder that the penalty for refusing to wear the uniforms is suspension, and Ian finds himself caught in a whole new conflict—one with himself.

Bestselling author of more than seventy titles, Eric Walters is no stranger to social justice issues. Eric lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Themes: social justice, activism, clothing manufacture. How could a place with no running water, telephone or electricity be anything but dull? To top it all off, the farmer knows nothing about farming and is angry about having to conduct the tour.

When Dan sneaks back to the school bus, he discovers the driver and teacher have been bound and gagged. Vicki lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with family. Themes: adventure, humor, farming.

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  5. Armed with music, humor and heart, he connects the dots for people who work with kids to cultivate reading and writing skills. The love of writing begins and ends with the love of story. Story can connect child to teacher Story can teach reading and writing Anyone can enjoy a story Anyone can create a story Anyone can revise a story. Themes: reading, writing, literacy, reluctant readers. For years Charlie has been alienated from his father—a retired politician who was always too busy for his son when Charlie was growing up.

    The trouble is, his dad has chosen this weekend to attempt to reconcile with his son. Charlie is not keen to forgive. The deeply troubled boy could be anywhere, and Charlie has just two hours to discover his identity and stop him from murder. Themes: mystery, family, fathers and sons. He offers to record his first cd and send him on tour, as long as Cree can keep coming up with the hot tips at the track. And when things inevitably go bad, Cree discovers that in life and in gambling there is never really the next sure thing.

    In a career spanning thirty-two years, he has worked in newspapers, radio, television and publishing, and has won numerous awards for his work. Themes: gambling, violence, trust, integrity. On a seemingly insane rampage, he leaves their headless bodies to be found and writes taunting letters to the police.

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    It soon becomes apparent that all his victims are members of the neighborhood fitness center. Sebastian Casey, a reporter with the weekly community newspaper, has just begun to work out at the center. As he gets to know some of the others who use the facility, Casey finds himself drawn into the search for the killer.

    The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers) The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers)
    The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers) The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers)
    The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers) The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers)
    The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers) The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers)
    The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers) The Last Loon (Orca Young Readers)

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