The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series)

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Great worldbuilding, in that it was interesting and engaging, and it all unfolded at a good pace. I really liked it, because even though I had a vague idea of what was coming and what the reveals would be, I was never bored. It would so cool to finally realise who and what Unsa, Calaeno, Himoti and Peter were.

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I definitely wanted more, but there are four more book in the series, so I'm not too impatient about that. I'm sure I'll get it! The book would have been great without it, but I really enjoyed hearing the story of the Landfall from beginning to sort of end. I loved the characters a lot!!! Characters are always what makes a story for me, and Lynn and Kim carried the tale super well.

They were both so good. Kim is the butch of my dreams; I was swooning for her from the absolutely first mention of how tall and capable she was. It had all those romance tropes that I love and hate, with the misunderstandings and the separations and a really sweet happy ending. I especially love that it ended without letting us know if Lynn still had her gift though I mean, obviously she does because it underlines that it's way more important that she and Kim have found love together. The cast of supporting characters was also great! About the appendix real quick I was about to be enraged when I realised all the people on this Earth were some homogeneous mix of all ethnicities, but when it turned out that Himoti had deliberately made it so, to other sensible people's disgust to create some kind of "perfect society" FUCK her.

Also I feel like people might be sceptical that a woman who spearheaded the creation of an all female society could be so homophobic, but it rang extremely true to me. Trust me. I know Those Str8 Women. Also I'm not sure if I agree with Peter, re: Himoti possibly being able to engineer a cure for what was affected the AMAB people, and simply choosing not to. Even if she couldn't find a way to affect the pollen and what it did to hormones, if she could have found a way to perpetuate life without women bonding, she'd have done it.

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It's the place the book is named after, come on! When the plot with the heretics started it went from 0 to in ten seconds, and while I didn't mind at the time because I was so hungry for more, in retrospect, it could have been better plotted. The Guards vs Rangers got a little ridiculous at times, and the Guards' ineptitude was just plain silly after a while. And that bit in the Appendix about all humans being innately sexual? Fuck off. So yeah, I have my complaints but I serious love this book and I'm really happy to be beginning a new science fiction series. Jul 21, Wayne Spiceland rated it really liked it Shelves: lesbian-s-f.

Personally, I think Fletcher quite adequately shows their growing attraction, albeit subtly, and there is more than enough time spent at the way station, after the snow lion attack, for strong feelings to develop. But, again, I would like to have seen things develop more slowly. After a few more pages, I wanted to know how the technology of imprinting originated, and it is technology, make no mistake.

By the time Lynn and the nuns, in the company of the Rangers, set out for Landfall, my interest was absorbed in the characters, and those earlier questions may have been put on hold, but they were still there. What, some witch casts a spell and suddenly certain women can manipulate DNA and transfer genetic material?

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Sorry, not buying that this could be pure fantasy in any way, shape or form. I imagine such complaints mostly refer to the appended journal of Peter McKay. For those who suggest it should have been placed at the beginning, I think that might well have ruined the novel, taken away the mystery of how the highly advanced technology of Imprinting exists in a society on a level somewhere between the Roman Empire and the medieval period, as well as making the technology the focus rather than the characters and the conflict between Sisters and the Heretics.

I assume she means the self-centered, belligerent, dictatorial, power mad, reactionary demagogues. I like the book a lot.

I thought the characters were great, especially Kim, and enjoyed the world Fletcher has created. To be sure, some elements were predictable, but, the story itself was enjoyable enough and the characters likable enough, to overcome that. So, why only four stars?

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While the writing was competent, I though it could have been better. When I was finished, I felt about Fletcher a little like I do about Jo Rowling: great storyteller, but just okay as a writer. My other problem with The Temple at Landfall is that the villains of the piece, some of the Sisters and Major Rozek, are painted with such a broad brush as to be more caricature than character. That said, I would definitely recommend this and will certainly read the rest of the series at some point.

Jul 22, Cynthia rated it did not like it Shelves: queer. It's not exactly that it's a bad book, but I can't say it was okay either. I will only mention that I am very confused as to the reasons to have a world populated entirely and only by women what about trans folks, if nothing else? Aug 27, Cornelia rated it really liked it. In a setting where there are no men, the typical plot would revolve around that fact, but this wasn't the case.

Instead, religious fanatism seems to be the main theme, and it's done very well. May 17, Dide rated it it was amazing. This author's story gets better by the page.

The Temple at Landfall : Jane Fletcher :

I am floored by her imagination and length at which she weaves it. Most especially the epilogue That was just ingenuis, I got to a moment that I thought I was in the story Feb 21, Jore rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , fem-fem.

This is a great series. Great story, well developed. NOTE: I strongly encourage any reader to read it in chronological order, rather than the order it was published. The story is likely to be a lot more understandable and enjoyable for you… and there are some spoilers if you read it by publication date. I wish I had read it in chronological order Highly recommend, great series… an excellent read. Dec 17, Kin rated it liked it Shelves: lesbian-fiction. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I liked the premise but some of the magic was lost in execution. Like reproduction.

The whole story revolves around reproducing in this world, but the method of reproduction obviously isn't so sustainable. In order for a woman to become pregnant, there needs to be an Imprinter. Someone with such highly developed "healer sense" magitech healers that she can combine the DNA of two women to form a fetus in one of the women's wombs. This just seems very It requires A highly skille I liked the premise but some of the magic was lost in execution. It requires A highly skilled healers with specialized training controlled only by the church B A massively gifted child who shows proficiency with healing from her youth.

Regardless of this book being fantasy or science fiction, it seems like a lack of scope by the author. It would be far less convoluted and more "instinctual" if some minor change was made in physiology to allow a woman to conceive during certain acts of intercourse. Maybe it's me but nothing says "romantic" like going to church to get knocked up. There's also the issue of villains being irrevocably stupid to the point where it makes you wonder how the heroes could have been challenged enough to be so clever.

I mean, at certain levels this makes sense.

The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series) The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series)
The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series) The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series)
The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series) The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series)
The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series) The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series)
The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series) The Temple at Landfall (The Celaeno Series)

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