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The placement of the numbers eight and three in "" was originally thought to be his inspiration for the title, but it is likely little more than a tertiary factor. The purposed date for the end of the "Eurabian War" would also mark the th anniversary of the Hamburg Symposium on the Euro-Arab dialogue of , a dialog between two cultures that Breivik believes to be part of the larger Islamification of Europe.

That same year, there was a "civil war" between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon, which he calls "the most significant war, which caused the death of thousands of Christians and expelled them from the Mountain area. Breivik has been planning his war for almost nine years. He was prepared to be apprehended by police, and was even prepared to be killed during his opening rampage.

He is now in an Oslo jail cell, awaiting a trial he already expects to lose.

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In his mind, Breivik's campaign has just started. It is only the beginning of a thoroughly planned battle. While many of his predictions seem ridiculous and paranoid, there is at least part that may soon come true. He has already planned his closing statement, should the Norwegian court find him guilty. Your regime will fall within and we, the peoples of Europe, will be free once more.

We will be free to determine our own future, free to preserve our traditions and culture, free to secure prosperity and the safe and peaceful existence of our people. The first page of a book downloaded from a link posted on the Norwegian discussion Web site.

War as Backdrop to Teenage Antics Brings Beirut to American Audiences | Al Jadid

Photo: Reuters Before Anders Behring Breivik initiated two attacks around Oslo, Norway Friday, he sent out a 1, page manifesto titled " A European Declaration of Independence" in which he laid out his plans for a European revolution. But what does the year "" in the title refer? Seelye: Why did you choose to tell the story of two teenage boys coming of age in wartime Beirut?

Doueiri: I remember the war as a teenager. Furthermore, I knew from the beginning that making my protagonists teenagers would give me more freedom of expression. A teenager can get away with things during a time of war that adults cannot.

As teenagers, Tarek and Omar had the freedom to behave without inhibitions and explore their sexuality. Doueiri: A lot of this movie happened the way it was in real life. I was so familiar with the story that I did not need to invent any of the characters. All I needed to do was to invent links between the scenes. I just needed a storyline, and I found that using Super-8 was the link.

The film starts with Super-8 shots filmed by Tarek and Omar, in the middle I use Super-8, and the film ends with Super-8 shots. Why did you make that choice? Doueiri: I wanted to make a movie that would work in the U. I wanted to make a commercial film. I wanted to make something different from the films of Youssef Chahine or the films of Maroun Baghdadi — good films, but serious films… disadvantaged because they did not deal with universal themes, only issues that Lebanese or Egyptians can understand.

Georgia Goes to War

They remain local films and rarely reach wider audiences. I wanted to make a film that would be seen by American audiences and help them see that not all Lebanese are terrorists. Not an Arab audience. Seelye: Why was it so important for you to reach an American audience? Doueiri: Because America has become my home. Los Angeles is my home.

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I wanted to give Americans a different perspective of the Middle East. I wanted them to better understand it. So many of my friends used to ask me how it was growing up in Lebanon.

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I wanted to be able to show them. We have sexy-looking people and dogs and horny kids. Seelye: The film is filled with nostalgia for a Beirut of another era. Doueiri: When I moved to L. At the same time I was thinking about the humorous side of life in Beirut.

Georgia Goes to War

From time to time as I was making the film, I wondered if I was making things much lighter than they were. And some people in Beirut said this is not a real portrayal of life during the war. This is a naive outlook on the Lebanese conflict. How could you portray a war that left , people dead and God knows how many people injured in such a humorous manner? My response was, this is how I lived it. I did not experience huge tragedies personally, and I had to be true to my experiences and emotions.

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At the same time, I did not want to make too serious a film; I wanted it to be seen by broader audiences.

The War of 2083 The War of 2083
The War of 2083 The War of 2083
The War of 2083 The War of 2083
The War of 2083 The War of 2083
The War of 2083 The War of 2083
The War of 2083 The War of 2083
The War of 2083 The War of 2083

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